Dress Code

Gateways Academy is initiating a simple dress code once again for the upcoming school year. For 2022-2023, the following school dress code should be followed:

Monday – Thursday

Tops: Gateways Academy black polo shirt with logo
Bottoms: khaki pants/jeans are recommended (see below)


Dress Down Day (see reminders below)

Gateways Academy students and staff are guests of the Grace Baptist Church. We are so thankful for the kindness they have shown by allowing us to use their church building for our school. It is most important for students and staff to respect Grace Baptist Church through our behavior, dress and kind actions.

School clothes must be clean. Torn pants or shirts are not acceptable. No yoga pants will be allowed and strapless tops, halter tops, low cut shirts/tee shirts, shirts or tops that hang off shoulders, and/or tank tops are unacceptable. Underwear and waist/belly skin may not be showing and logos on tee shirts must be appropriate. For example, athletic team or school logos are appropriate. Slogans, advertisements for alcoholic beverages, or inappropriate sayings (profane, suggestive, etc.) would not be appropriate for school. Skirts and dresses must be just a bit above the knee unless leggings are worn under the skirt or dress.

Please use common sense when choosing your school clothes each day. Ask yourself if your outfit is showing respect for yourself and the Church.

Should you need guidance or additional clarification, please contact Principal Ahearn at cahearn@gatewaysacademy.org or call the school office.